Tips On How To Beat The Wolf Whistle Quest

You might have been wondering how you will be able to beat the wolf whistle quest from the top online adventure game, Runescape. Now, here is the answer to your problems. This guide will help you complete the quest easily. Follow this step by step guide and you will make it successfully:

  1. Have a chat with Pikkupstix. He is located in Taverley. He will tell you that the Summoning obelisk exists beneath his house. As he talks to you, you will hear bursts of noise coming from upstairs and he later tells you that it is a Giant wolpertinger, which is a rabbit like beast. He will also inform you that his assistant is on errand to help you on this mission but he still has not yet returned. Now, when he tells you to go upstairs, climb the ladder and here, you will observe a cut scene. After that, talk to Pikkupstix one more time.
  2. Discover whether Pikkupstix is helpful. Now that you have volunteered to help, give two wolf bones to him. You can obtain these once you have found his assistant’s corpse. You can find the dead body at the path to the top of the mountain or you can also find it through killing two wolves, which can be found at the White Wolf Mountain.
  3. Once you have the wolf bones, go back to where Pikkupstix is. He will give you two gold charms, two pouches, one trapdoor key and 14 spirit shards. Now, when you have received all of these items, go to the basement of his house.
  4. After entering the basement, infuse the wolf pouch. This can be done through right clicking on the infuse-pouch obelisk option. You will see the screen for the Summoning Pouch Creation. Infuse both pouches and then make them spirit wolf pouches.
  5. Now create ten howl scrolls by using one of the spirit wolf pouches on the obelisk. Go back to Pikkupstix and he will give you another set of instructions. Go upstairs famously again and then you will state that you will call for the spirit wolf. A short cut scene will follow where the wolpertinger will become aware of you.
  6. Deal with the wolpertinger by right clicking on the spirit wolf pouch. Choose the “summon spirit wolf” option, which will bring up the control panel for summoning. Right click on the howl scroll, which is found at the top left of the panel. Click on Cast Howl and pick Giant Wolpertinger. Another scene will ensue and then the wolf will vanish.
  7. Go back to Pikkupstix and talk to him. Go downstairs so that you can renew your skill for summoning. Simply right click on the obelisk to do so.
  8. The last step here is to go back to Pikkupstix for you to claim what you have earned for this quest.

It is not really that difficult as may have imagined. Just make sure that you follow the process listed here so that you will be able to beat the wolf whistle quest without any difficulty. Wolpertingers are really part wolf and part rabbit. They are monsters with level 92 from the Summoning familiars. If you complete this quest, you will be able to boost up your Hunter skill by five.

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