If you are familiar, closed auctions can either be a pain in the rear end or a blessing in disguise. You might not know this but it all depends on your knowledge of Swoopo and following a solid closed auction strategy. As mentioned before, Swoopo will sometimes close an auction to new bidders at a certain point in the auction. If you haven’t yet cast a bid in a closed auction, you aren’t allowed to start bidding.

To take advantage of Swoopo’s closed auctions and use them to your advantage, use a technique that we call the “Placeholder Bid.” Here’s how it works:

Start by using the 5 Minute Rule first and make a good observation to find auctions that you are interested in bidding on. You can also examine previous close prices and best times and days for background info.

When you have decided on a certain auction you are interesting in bidding on, submit a single bid. It’ll cost you 60 cents yes, but that might come in very handy in the future. Now the next step is just sit back, relax and wait for the auction competition to diminish. Swoopo will eventually close that auction, so you now have an advantage for the following three reasons:

First is you are still able to participate in the auction and there will be no new bidders. Then the competition will be less because they’ll slowly dwindle for that auction. Lastly, You’ve only invested 60 cents in that auction so far so that means you still have plenty of bids to use to win the auction.

Now, here’s a tip about BidButlers in closed auctions: If you’ve booked on a BidButler and the auction closes before your minimum price is reached, your bids will be credited back to your account if you haven’t placed any other bids in the auction. Since none of your bids have been placed, you won’t be able to continue after it closes.

I hope this strategy helps and you will be able to make use of this simple trick in bidding in Swoopo. Good luck and happy bidding on your auctions.

Swoopers is a Uk marriage visa Swoopo strategy community, where Swoopo users swap tricks and tips on how to win BIG on Swoopo.

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