Tips In Handling Your Teen As He Starts To Talk Back

When asked to define what constitutes talking back, parents vary in their answers. That’s right parents have different definitions of what talk back is. But all of them are sure to affirm that eye rolling, the sassy behavior, and the “lip” are all a show of talk back.

The main reason behind why kids are more confident to talk back to their parents despite their young age is the things that they see and hear on TV, radio and even in the internet. These media of communication subconsciously teach young kids the concept of independence and freedom of speech. And because kids are too gullible, they think that it is okay for them to talk to their parents as their equal.

If you are worried that your kid will develop a bad behavior, there are things that can be done:

Lead By Example

Everything boils down to the kind of environment the child is growing in. If you give him a home where swearing and shouting is a normal thing, then most likely he will be shouting to you in no time. Child experts say that moral children do not happen by accident, and nor are they born. Parents should be responsible to keep them during times of conflict and family problems.

It is your responsibility to reprimand them.

Your children should be corrected each time they show symptoms of talking back and/or being sarcastic. These are indication of a breakdown on respect.

Stop your kid from talking back.

When your kid starts to talk back, do not let him go on with the behavior. The moment he starts to whine and show signs of being rude stop him and do not allow him to continue doing such behaviors. Do not tolerate any bad behavior and reprimand him each time.

Take one behavior at a time.

Things can’t be change overnight and it would be better to let him change one attitude at a time. Also this might just overwhelm your child. Teenagers would turn their backs on you when you start getting preachy to them.

Be always firm.

No matter how painful it can get on your part as a parent seeing your child hurt or crying or embarrassed, you have to be firm in your stand on not tolerating bad manners at home or in public. But, be sure that you are able to identify talking back from merely asking a question. Clarifying house rules are completely different from talking back; it is his right to know as well as it is your responsibility to teach him the value of fair judgment.

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