Tips For When You Travel Yangshuo

When considering a holiday to China, Yangshuo travel is undoubtedly a great place to experience. The alluring scenic nature between lovely green peaked mountains and Li River is a paradise for many travellers. This is a spectacular place for those who re adventuresome backpackers and explorers.

Rock Climbing – Many climbers from around the world are drawn to experience the vast opportunities for beautifully traversing lines in the countless options. An American climber started a haven calling for climbers back in 1992, when he made a number of tracks during his visit. Since them even more are available and continue to be made.

Variety is not a problem when a climber is looking for an expansive experience. Having over 300 bolted routes, ready and awaiting, this destination is the place for climbers of all levels. Climbing shops are fully equipped and ready to tend to climbers needs.

Cave exploring – Is experienced by countless on a Yangshuo travel through guided tours. The mystical beauty of limestone caverns are a unique and wonderful adventure.

Walking Trails – There are many opportunities for waking in the romantic scenery to connect with the lovely nature. One of the most popular trails extends from Yangdi to Xing ping. This path is a full experience within itself. Travelling along pebbled paths, through small villages, fields, and bamboo forests – visitors also have the opportunity to sit and take it all in while relaxing at any of the cafes along the way. Many bamboo rafters will be in the waiting along the way to take visitors for a ride along the river.

Yulong River – Swimming is recommended in this river above others for its cleanliness. This is a very enjoyable experience for visitors who may wish to take a bamboo rafting Yangshuo tour to take in all the magical scenery. It is cautioned however, that if the river is seen to be brown and murky to take extra precautions. These are signs of restless waters which are more dangerous for swimming or rafting.

Cultural Classes – Visitors from all lands are welcomed to further enrich their knowledge of traditions sacred to the land through various study and practice, such as:

Martial arts – Many traditional practices of Qigong, Taekwondo, Taichi, etc., are available for study.

Chinese Cooking – Classes to learn a number of traditional Chinese dishes can be booked for multiple day lessons, down to single day lessons, upon booking.

Tea Ceremony – A ceremony of rich meaning can be shared with travellers through classes designed to pass on the traditional value.

Live Entertainment – During the summer tourist season, nightly performances of the “Impression of Liu Sanjie” are held amongst the romantic scenery of the Liu Sanjie Park. The same location as the renowned film, Liu Sanji was filmed. Here, in the picturesque countryside and rolling green fields, one can feel first hand, the aura surrounding the love story of, Liu Sanji, the fairy singer.

Shopping – A Lovely selection of avenues for shopping souvenirs and artistic pieces are available all over. Items like, Asian jewellery pieces, kimonos, and scroll paintings are sold through various local vendors. Due to the high tourism, prices are rather inflated comparably to other destinations n China for the same materials.

A wealth of beautiful Asian landscapes which have inspired many poets over time is enjoyed on a Yangshuo travel. The mystical beauty is unmatched while taking in the various era’s of architecture, such as the Ming an Qing Dynasty.

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