Do you dream of being completely off the grid and self-sufficient when it comes to energy? Why not start with becoming more efficient with your energy consumption? It’s easier than trying to provide all of your own energy.

It’s not even all that hard to become more efficient in your use of energy. Start by following some tips. Many of these are so well known they are practically clich. For instance: turn things off. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Turn off or unplug appliances that are not in use. Turn up the thermostat when you leave for work instead of cooling an empty house. All of these tips and more can help you be energy efficient.

You can become even more efficient if you figure out where you are losing energy dollars. Many of us do so through inefficient windows that are poorly sealed. The new efficient windows can be installed tightly and you won’t be spending good money on AC or heat that leaks outside. You can also get energy efficient appliances that pass strict guidelines set by the EPA. Look for the label EnergyStar on appliances; this is the designation of having passed the EPA’s guidelines.

Often people balk at making these changes because of money. New efficient windows and appliances aren’t cheap. In fact, energy efficient products cost more. But if you calculate value, you will find that because of the savings you will experience over time it makes financial sense for you to invest in these up front just the same.

You can in fact generate your own power. A windmill is a very inexpensive way to generate power. Did you know you can build your own windmill for between $100-200?

You probably have no idea how to build a windmill. If this is the case, don’t despair. You can find detailed plans, with step-by-step instructions, online. Since it is so easy and so inexpensive, you might ask yourself what could be the harm in trying? Build one for your home use!

You can also try solar panels. They provide free energy, but a lot of people don’t try them because they think it’s too expensive. Professionally installed panels aren’t cheap, in fact; generally it runs thousands of dollars.

If you want solar panels, consider hooking them up yourself. It saves some money, and you can still gather power to use in your home. If you use a panel or two plus a windmill, you’ll reduce your energy costs sufficiently. You may even be able to provide all of the energy you will need.

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