Tips For The Best Maid Of Honor Sister Speeches

Your sister has finally named a date for her wedding and she has asked you to be her maid of honor. You are really happy to be asked and you have already started to think about dresses, trips to the beauty parlour and the perfect color scheme. Then you remember that you are going to have to speak at the wedding in front of all your family and friends. You start thinking about the maid of honor sister speeches you have heard and the one you will have to give. You know you want your sister to have the very best wedding day and you want your speech to be a positive part of that, but you feel under pressure. Don’t worry, I will give you some tips that will help you.

The best place to start is to decide what you are going to say. This can be tough but begin by writing some notes. There are lots of things you can speak about, for example, how great your sister has been to you, some stories about your relationship and your best wishes for her future with her new husband.

When you are happy that you have noted down all that you want to say, including any extra items the bride would like to cover, you can begin writing your speech. Your sister may want you to mention someone who has travelled a long distance to be with her on her wedding day, for example. I would also advise you to write out your speech on small postcards. They will be easier to manage and look much better on the day, when you are delivering your maid of honor sister speech.

With the speech fully written, you will need to start practicing. Saying your toast aloud is the only way that you will be able to ensure that you are comfortable saying all the words and phrases that you have used. If you find a word that is difficult to pronounce for example, you can always just replace it.

Now that you have practiced your speech and you are happy that you have everything written down, you should be ready to give one of the most memorable maid of honor speeches, the wedding guests have ever heard. If however you are still feeling nervous about your maid of honor speech or just the thought of speaking in public there are resources that provide all the help, support and sample speeches that you could ever need.

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