Tips For Keeping Your Good Credit Good

This topic is discussed a lot, but it is important to speak about. Credit restoration takes a lot of hard work and effort. It can be very rewarding to have your score back where you want it to be.

The problems start when the customer begins falling back in to bad habits. They don’t keep up with the good habits they were able to achieve credit restoration by. Falling back in to bad habits can be frustrating, especially to customers that had to work really hard to have credit restoration. To avoid this from happening, here are six tips for keeping your credit score where you want it to be.

1. Stay on top of the amount of debt you have. Your credit card balance needs to stay 25% below the limit ideally. It is a good rule of thumb to remember to only charge what you can pay off every month.

2. Take advantage of automatic pay options. Your bills will often have an automatic pay option that deducts money right from your bank account. You can even set it up right after your receive your paycheck so you know there is money in there.

3. Don’t inquire all over the place. Keep the limit to a minimum. You only need to apply for lines that are essential and you know you can pay off.

4. Pay your bills on time. This is very important. Make a plant to make it happen. If you have a hard time remembering when bills are due, set up alarms, leave post it notes, or use automatic bill pays so you don’t forget.

5. You don’t need to accept every credit offer that comes your way. Remember to be picky about the types of lines you use. You need to be certain to only accept lines that you can afford and can pay off.

6. Be safe when handling your credit. Identity theft can quickly ruin your credit. Be sure to use identity theft protection measures to stop this from happening.

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