Tips For How Your School Can Raise Funds

Schools have long been engaged in fundraising activities to raise money. However, many fundraisers just aren’t bringing in the money like they used to. Because of this, PTAs, booster clubs, and other school organizations are searching for more sure-thing ways to raise revenue. Here are three fundraising ideas that are nearly foolproof ways to bring in money.

Cookie Dough Fundraising – these are very popular. And for good reason, most people like cookies! In recent years, cookie dough fundraisers have done quite well.

Most people are willing to purchase cookie dough. It is reasonably priced, just about everyone likes cookies, and most people are willing to buy the dough to support a school. Cookie dough sales tops the list of easy fundraisers, when schools are looking for a sure bet.

Scratch Card Fundraising – Schools that sell scratch cards as fundraisers do very well. These sales can really boost school revenues. The coupon savings inside the cards also helps the cards to sell quickly.

There is a downside, however. Scratch card fundraising, just like cookie dough sales, has a startup cost associated with it. The profit margin ends up being about 70%, which is still pretty good, but there is cost up front. Sometimes you can minimize up front expenses though via preselling and careful planning.

Online Fundraising – Schools, booster clubs, and PTAs now take advantage of the opportunities available via the Internet to raise money for schools. This is now the most popular way for raising money.

One reason why online fundraising is so popular is profit margin. There is no startup cost to this kind of fundraising, and it is completely free. All money raised is profit. Here is how it works. When people shop online, there is an option where they can donate a percent of their purchase to their favorite school organization. This does not add cost. Because of this, it is a unique fundraising opportunity.

There are literally thousands of ideas out there for school fundraising. The three presented here today are the most successful options. Cookie dough fundraisers and scratch card sales are very popular and effective. However, the increasing popularity and ease of online fundraising means that this is most likely the fundraising trend of the future.

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