Have you ever desired nice six pack abs so badly that you even went and got all these pills that claimed you can get nice abs fast. Maybe you don’t believe in supplements and went straight onto doing sit ups and crunches but to your surprise you still couldn’t get a six pack.

Well i am going to tell you how you can get rock solid abs without taking any supplements and the best part is you hardly have to do any ab exercises.

Women Love Ripped Abs!

Did you realize that survey after survey proves that the body part women vote the most wanted on a man is his abs. As a matter of fact more than double the number of woman voted abs as the sexiest body part on a man compared to biceps, and THREE TIMES the number of woman voted abs instead of pecs. On another survey i saw recently, 90% of woman preferred a man’s body that was “lean & athletic” vs a man’s body that was “big & bulky”.

Just A Few Little Secrets To Get Six Pack Abs!

A lot of people think getting six pack abs is some seriously tough work, but in reality it’s not. All it takes is the proper diet combined with the proper exercises. Did you know that everyone has a six pack, yes you heard right. The one reason you cannot see your abdominals is due to the fact that stubborn layer of stomach fat that is covering your abdominals. There are so many things that can be done to get rid of that layer of fat so your abs will be exposed Here’s a few things you can do to show your abs…

1. Keep away from consuming carbohydrates after six at night time. Sounds strange but there’s a big process that happens in your stomach when it’s full of carbs that prevents you from losing that belly fat while you sleep.

2. Abdominal exercises DO NOT burn fat. Yip it’s hard to believe but it’s true. Of course it will make your six pack better but it won’t really expose them. What can show them is understanding when to eat and what you should eat.

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