For people who don’t like a noisy environment and who had sound problems in their past, a smart choice can be to buy a home which has some soundproofing properties built in it. Prepare yourself: gauging the sound levels in a home during the first walk can’t be a real success.

Scientists say that most of the people ignore noise. Not to many persons complained about the fact that their health became aggravated at prolonged sessions with high sound levels. For the moment, we simply can’t explain why the percentage is so low. A thing is for sure: a person who has been intolerant of noise in the past isn’t suddenly going to like noise. In fact, for these persons, new sounds are intolerable.

Look for a home that is as sound proof as possible, and do not forget to collect all the necessary information before buying the home.

Before buying a home look carefully at the house itself. Windows are the soul of the house. Analyze closely the thickness of the glass. It is essential to be sure that the windows open and close properly. Furthermore, look if the windows are sealed correctly, both when they close and around the edges. It is widely known that windows are a huge source of noise, even in walls that are complete with soundproofing materials. The best option for soundproofing are double hung windows.

Inviting a contractor to take a look at the utility systems will surely be a smart choice. The older the house is, the difficult it will be for you not to hear the plumbing, heating, air, or electrical systems. This “music” can be intolerable. Therefore, have each of those systems turned on while you are in the house. This way you can hear them for yourself.

There are some questions to answer to. These answers will help you to decide whether to buy the house or not:

a) Look if the bedrooms are located on the street or at the back of the home, if the floors squeak.

b) Furthermore, the location of the bedrooms is priceless.

c) If the neighborhood is not a quiet one, pay attention to the location of the bedrooms: look if they are located on the street or at the back of the home.

d) A proper insulation is another thing you should consider.

e) Don’t forget to verify the insulation!

When you decide whether to buy a house or not, think how willing you are to get started with the soundproofing work. If there is too much work to do and too much money to invest in the house, maybe it is time to say “Stop!” and look for a better home.

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