Tips And Tricks To Download Music

There are many products on the market today that have revolutionized the way we do things. This includes the world of music. In the beginning there were vinyl records followed by cassettes which were followed by CD’s and ultimately MP3’s.

MP3 players have become increasingly popular in the last several years, however, none of them can match the impact that the iPod has made in the music industry. Everyone today has an iPod and it’s not unusual to see many websites offering free iPod music available to download.

Using software such as P2P software is not only the worst way to download iPod music, it’s also illegal since the music is copyrighted. This is called “copyright infringement” and is a felony. Many people use this type of software don’t understand the difference between free music and music that has a copyright. If you know of anyone using this software to download music, try to discourage them from using it since you could save then jail time. It also is stealing money from the artists the originally recorded the music they are download. So if you enjoy music on your iPod be sure you pay for it. By doing so you are not only downloading music legally, you are also paying the artist who recorded it.

If you enjoy downloading iPod music from the Internet you know that it’s much easier than using P2P software. However be aware that you should still make sure that the music you download is not copyrighted. Also you still run the risk of downloading viruses with the music so you still need to have both anti virus software and anti spyware software running on your computer.

On a more positive note, there are thousands of websites on the Internet that offer free iPod music that is virus and spy ware free and is legal to download. Be sure to search for one of the sites so you are aware what a safe and legitimate free music website looks like.

A big issue for many people is that they can’t tell the difference between an illegal website that offers free music that is copyrighted and legal websites that have free music that does not have copyrights. So what do you do? Try asking around to people you know that love to download music for their iPod’s. Hopefully they will be able to give you a few pointers of what to watch out for, and how to be able to tell the difference.

If you don’t know the difference between legal and illegal music websites, just ask a few of your friends that download music. They will be able to guide you in the right direction. You should also know that websites that offer free music for your iPod and are legal websites can also still have viruses and spy ware that puts your computer at risk.

If you would like more information on various ways to get free iPod music just Google “free iPod music” for listings of websites that offer safe, free and legal iPod downloads.

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