The professionals at Truth in Lending Auditors help homeowners stop foreclosure almost daily.  The Tila2 staff work directly with your lender and you to show why it is in the best interest of the bank to give you a loan mod.  Often people who come to Tila2 have tried for months on end to get the bank to modify their loan.

Why are the staff at Truth in Lending Auditors able to prevent foreclosure so often?  Because they specialize in forensic audits.  The first step that Truth in Lending Auditors takes when a homeowner needs to get a loan modification is to conduct a complete forensic loan document review of the loan that the lender gave them.

You may wonder why this is the first step:  It is because over the past decade lenders have repeatedly violated TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, and ECOA laws.  They’ve ignored guidelines set by the OCC, and they have put people into predatory loans that are now wiping them out.  Tila2 personnel have found that the best way to get the lenders to the negotiations table and to bring an end to the burning and churning in the lender’s system while desperately hoping for a Loan Mod that normally doesn’t come is to show the lender what he is responsible for.

When you look at the abounding reports of unfair disqualifications, lost paperwork, completed trial modifications followed by trustee auction dates, and “understaffed” loss mitigation departments, it makes no sense to try to get the bank to lower your payments, drop your interest rate, or reduce your principal without first give the banks ample and compelling reasons.  Those reasons are found in the forensics.  Homeowners who are tired of being scammed come to Tila2.

Lenders, bankers, news media, government officials, and even competitors warn homeowners away from seeking professional services to help you save their financial life and home. . .   Why?  It is easier to foreclose when the bank doesn’t have any middle man.  And it is always easier to get business for your company if you put out false reports about the competition.

Don’t be mislead.  The facts speak for themselves.  Tila2 uses forensics and the first and most critical step in getting you the successful negotiations you need.  If you are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, then don’t delay.  Get Truth in Lending Auditors on your side.

Much information has come to light that begins to suggest that the banks are profiting from foreclosure. The banks see no profitability in loan mods. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston released their findings on this a year ago.

Are you still wondering if you should trust the bank’s promise to give you that loan mod?  Are you still trying to decide if it is time you got a forensic loan audit?  No matter what, the facts speak for themselves.  What are the facts of your loan?  Most probably the facts are a large number of violations.  How can those facts help save your home?

It is probably time you contacted tila2 and took matters into your own hands.  Just remember this:  The bank wants your money and your home.  Take action and give yourself a fighting chance.  Get a Forensic Loan Review and let the people at Tila2 negotiate new terms for you with the bank.

Truth in Lending Auditors can be contacted at (877) 625-2419.  You can find out more about Tila and Forensic Loan Reviews at Uk marriage visa

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