TikTok’s audience has reached 1 billion monthly active users

In July 2020, the social network revealed audience data for the first time — the number of active users was 700 million

TikTok Chief Operating Officer Vanessa Pappas recorded a video in which she said that every month more than a billion people log into the social network to “have fun, be inspired or discover something new, for example, sports, music, art and culture.”
In 2020, the company disclosed audience data for the first time. In July, it reached 700 million monthly active users, and by August, the app had been downloaded 2 billion times worldwide.
According to Mediascope, TikTok became the fourth most popular social network in July 2020, 32% over the age of 12 visited the application at least once.
The social network was launched in 2017, when ByteDance bought a video service Musical.ly, which was renamed TikTok in 2018.
At first, it was possible to create music videos for 60 seconds on the platform. Later, the developers increased the duration of the video to 3 minutes and allowed users to share their audio clips with others.
Other platforms are trying to repeat the popularity of TikTok. So, in March, YouTube began testing the Shorts service, and in July it became available. In August 2020, Instagram launched a Reels service similar to TikTok in some countries, which appeared in Russia in June 2021.

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