TikTok will start automatically removing unwanted content in the US and Canada

This will reduce the number of violent videos that moderators should watch.

TikTok will test in the United States and Canada the automatic removal of content that violates the rules of the social network — for example, nudity, sexual and violent content, illegal activities and others.
This will allow the social network to improve the user experience and reduce the number of unpleasant videos on the platform. The service’s security team will also be able to focus on other prohibited categories — for example, insults and harassment of authors, Axios writes.
According to the social network, before that, the system was tested in different markets. Tests have shown that the number of false positives during automatic deletion is 5%.
The TikTok team has previously removed prohibited content, but the system will automate this process and allow the security service to work more efficiently.
TikTok admits that the technology is not perfect, and the service may accidentally delete a video that does not violate the rules. Then the content will be restored, and the violation will not be counted.

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