TikTok told how users react to advertising on the platform: the sheepskin is worth it

The idea of TikTok is a continuous stream of fun entertainment content adapted to your interests by the smart algorithms of the service. But how well does advertising work here? After all, a short video can be quickly scrolled through, and the real engagement and response will be quite low.
Asking this question, TikTok evaluated the effectiveness of advertising together with researchers in the field of neuromarketing MediaScience. 343 tests were conducted to measure engagement, memorability and overall reaction in comparison with similar placements on other platforms.
The study participants were asked to watch 8 test videos on TikTok or on one of the three competing platforms. MediaScience used gaze tracking, heart rate monitoring, and GSR technology to measure how participants respond to each video, and to understand a person’s reaction to advertising placements.

1. Memorability
Brand memorability indicators in TikTok were good, even considering the limited viewing time.
The longer people watch ads, the more the brand is remembered, but advertising in TikTok shows a good result regardless of the duration of viewing. An ad on the screen lasting 6 seconds or less shows the same 38% memorability as an ad of 20 seconds or more.
2. Engagement
The study of advertising engagement in TikTok is information about how network users interact with content in a broader sense – with short videos that require more concentration, because the viewer has only a few seconds to understand the context of each of them. Perhaps this even means that TikTok users are more inclined to analyze and compare data and, therefore, can process more information in less exposure time.
The social network notes that no matter how long the ad remains on the screen, TikTok attracts attention and physiological interaction in the first few seconds. In other words, advertising in TikTok takes less time to influence its audience than similar advertising on other platforms.
It also turned out that brand discussion was better received in TikTok than in other applications, and brand advertising in TikTok contributed to a stronger perception than on other platforms.
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Of course, we should not forget about the organic nature of the content, about the approach, the specifics of the placement and the needs of the audience.
If advertising, as recommended by the social network, naturally fits into the context of the video, this video is perceived in the feed without rejection and negativity, that is, users are open to such content and the brand gets an excellent result from such placement.
This study shows that TikTok users are open to advertising content, and the level of response and engagement is usually higher than on other platforms. This is partly due to the fact that the user is more attentive and immersed in viewing due, among other things, to the specifics of the application.
How this will affect real sales will also depend on a number of other factors – the approach and compliance with the target audience. But it is already clear that brands entering TikTok with integrations look into the future and get a competitive advantage.

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