TikTok has started testing a service for donating bloggers who have more than 100 thousand subscribers

You can transfer money anonymously, from $1.

Blogger Jera Binom noticed a tip function in TikTok and applied for a test, The Verge reports. According to the screenshots from the application, the social network will not take a commission, and the authors will receive all the money.
Bloggers over the age of 18 can participate in testing without violations on the platform, who have more than 100 thousand subscribers.
A few days after the application, the Tips section appeared in Jera Bean’s account. Authors can receive tips of $5, $10, $15 or any amount from $1. You can send the transfer anonymously. The section is not displayed in Russia, the editors checked vc.ru .
Tik Tok refused to tell The Verge in which countries the feature is available.

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