TikTok has started removing content about cryptocurrency due to a new policy on branded content

The authors are considering other channels for promoting content about cryptocurrency.

In July, TikTok introduced a system that can automatically block videos that violate its policies, CNBC writes. The company has updated its policy and banned the promotion of financial services, including cryptocurrencies, without a note about branded content.
Content creators on TikTok told CNBC that the social network constantly deletes their educational videos without explanation. Some users are temporarily blocked from their accounts.
At the same time, most of the authors told the publication that they do not receive payment for promoting content about cryptocurrency. According to them, views and the number of new subscribers have decreased since July.
The authors are notified that they have violated the principles of the community and posted content related to”illegal activities and regulated goods”. The problem is not in advertising, but in the fact that TikTok subjects crypto content to a shadow ban and censorship, users believe.
Facebook Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — some of them admitted to CNBC that they are considering other channels.
TikTok declined to comment on CNBC, and in response pointed to the company’s community rules and did not specify which rules the authors of the crypto content violate.

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