TikTok has introduced new tools for business – for managing the plot, measuring the effectiveness of advertising and others

Many will be available as early as 2022.

TikTok held the TikTok Summit&Awards— its first official business forum in Eastern Europe. On it, the social network introduced new features for the TikTok for Business platform, which contains advertising tools for business, they said vc.ru in the company.
A tool for classifying content in TikTok – Brand Safety Inventory Filter. It analyzes videos using machine learning and allows advertisers to choose which content they are willing to display their ads next to.
Reach & Frequency – allows you to plan the result of the campaign in advance, choose the audience coverage and frequency.
The company does not disclose prices for advertising tools.
A set of solutions for TikTok Shopping is in development, which will be launched in 2022. Some functions from it are already available, for example, advertisers can include cards with a link to products or a website in the videos, share data from their catalog with a social network to create videos, or use tools to communicate with the user directly.
Tools for interacting with content are still being tested, some will be available in 2022.
Pop-Out Showcase – will allow you to overlay clickable pop-up elements on the video that lead to an embedded or external company page.
The Super Like 2.0 and Gesture Ads functions will show additional content in response to likes and gestures. When you connect the first one, a page with information will open, with the second one, gifts or discounts will also be available.
The Story Selection technology for “immersion in brand storytelling” is at the final stage of development. For example, the Video Gallery function will allow the user to open more videos, and Video Selection – to choose from two options for the development of the story.
Advertisers can also join the open beta testing of the Customized Instant Page, a page about a company or product that can be accessed from a video. It loads faster than regular sites, according to TikTok.

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