Thrombosed External Haemorrhoid Cure

Haemorrhoid is a condition where veins in the anus are enlarged or inflamed and appear as hard lumps. It happens due to increased pressure and stress on the rectal vein. When hemorrhoids occur inside the rectal area these are referred to as internal hemorrhoids while the external ones are plain around the rectum. Hemorrhoids are categorized depending on their symptoms and formation on the body.

The distinguished causes of internal haemorrhoid includes prolonged constipation, eating disorderly foods containing low fibrous contents, staying longer sitting or still-standing. The sports like cycling also sometimes becomes the cause of hemorrhoids. In girls, pregnancy is the most common cause for occurrence of hemorrhoids. When blood pressure in the area is increased due to certain illnesses, it also causes hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids, be it internal hemorrhoids or external, cause aggravation.

While talking about preventions and treatments of hemorrhoids, it is also important to know about the indicators of hemorrhoids. Symptoms of hemorrhoids include difficulty in passing bowl movement and blood stains with stool.

Internal pile, when over enlarged and appear hanging out from anus are mistakenly external hemorrhoids ; but these are, in reality, prolapsed internal pile. Swelling, itching and discomfort around anus and spincter especially at the time of defecation are other common indicators of hemorrhoids. There are some other diseases like anal fistula, rectal cancer, peri-anal hematoma, anal fissures, and anal abscesses that have similar symptoms like that of hemorrhoids. Process of treatment of hemorrhoids vary relying on their condition.

To treat hemorrhoids, two pronged technique is more acceptable ; one includes preventive measures while other includes treatment. The preventive part includes keeping hygienic conditions and avoiding scratching the anus, taking fiber rich diet such as vegetables, fruits, whole-meal bread besides consuming masses of liquids and water, avoiding pressure during bowl movement, using soft toiler paper or cleaning the anal with warm bath. Taking hot baths in the area 2 – 3 times daily also helps a lot in conquering the difficulty. As preventive measure, very spicy foods and alcohol should be avoided.

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