Thrombocytopenia – Discover Why Suppressing The Immune System Is Not The Only Way To Correct A Low Platelet Count

Traditional therapies for Thrombocytopenia are not very easy to swallow. It is really a tough thing to go through. I can understand all of you people going through this. I know how it feels to see a loved one take these treatments without really getting any permanent long term benefits. The purpose of many of the treatments used today for a low platelet count is to reduce the body’s immunity. The problem with this is that reducing the body’s immunity can predispose you to other diseases such as infections and even cancer. But read on and let’s uncover a natural alternative approach that can really help low platelets.

Weakening the immune system
As mentioned before, weakening the immune system is the main purpose of the conventional approach to ITP blood disorder. This is needed sometimes especially in emergency low blood platelet counts to save someone’s life, but this does not always work long term.

Many do not respond to this approach. This makes the attending doctor reach over to more strong medications that usually have more adverse effects. Some of these medications are used in the treatment for cancer.

A natural protocol should include:

1. A nutritional program high in raw foods and antioxidants
2. This program should help in some way to manage stress or at least give some recommendations
3. Nutritional supplementation used wisely to prevent low platelets
4. Should also recommend juicing vegetables and fruits to obtain more natural antioxidants
5. Herbal medicine used wisely

Do not expect to find a miracle herb online and suddenly get miraculous results. Especially if you do not know how to use herbs correctly. Many get discouraged when they do not get results even though they are doing things wrong.
A natural herbal and nutritional support needs to be holistic and not exclusive. And sometimes you will need to combine natural with conventional treatments.
But be patient and remain constant.

In many cases, the use of natural remedies and life style for thrombocytopenia is enough to increase a low platelet count and stay healthy for a life time.

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