Three Ways To Save Money On Flight Training

They say money makes the world go round. In most cases, that unfortunately is the truth and flight training is not an exception. In fact, working your way towards a private pilot certificate could be one of the most expensive undertakings you would ever do in your life. With potential costs amounting up to thousands of dollars, are there ways that you can cut back as much as possible on those expenses? The answer is a big “YES.” There are ways that you can save money on your flight training. We’ll show you three sure-fire ways that you can minimize expenses for your private pilot training.

Contrary to what people may actually think, flying frequently and in longer times per session can actually help you save money in the long run. This is because you get to learn a lot more in one sitting as well as log in more time for your pilot’s book, thus bringing you closer to your private pilot certificate than you would flying just once or twice a week. Flying 2-3 times, then, is highly ideal for your money-saving goals.

No, it doesn’t mean that you put together your own flight simulator literally. It simply means that you have to spend some time simulating that you are flying a plane (don’t do it in public though) while sitting on a chair.

It also helps to speed up your flight lessons (and reduce expenses along the way) by taking time to sit down and mentally review the previous lessons. This way, you can understand every new technique, maneuver or procedure taught to you by your instructor and thus prevent spending a lot more money in flights just to review the lesson. Imagine that you are at your cockpit while having a cup of coffee at home, and reenact the procedure mentally. You’ll be surprised at how far it can take you in your private pilot training.

Last but not the least, talking it over with your instructor will help reveal weak points in your training. This will help you find which parts you need to improve in order to move to the next phase of your training. Instead of wondering to yourself or assuming that you are doing things correctly when you are not, talk to your instructor about your level of proficiency when you get the chance.

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