Three Truths You Need To Know About Market America

I’m sure if you’ve found this article, you’ve probably stumbled on many articles about Market America. It’s important, however, to be able to distinguish between articles that report the truth and articles that replicate lies. I found such an article today: this article made so many claims about this company that were completely false, and I couldn’t help but laugh!

Then I stopped and thought, what if there are other people out there, like yourself, who want to really learn about this company but think that this article was true? That would be terrible! It’s completely unfair that someone would post an article that had false information just so they could rank their site on the search engines.

I personally think it’s fair and ETHICAL to give people the truth, and to give them facts that help them decide for themselves, not lies that try to sway them away from something they might already want to do. I’m sure that’s what YOU’RE looking for, right?

You probably have done some homework, i.e. looked at the website, checked out the products, maybe you’ve seen the compensation plan – but you’re still wondering if it’s a right fit for you…and maybe you’re still just a bit skeptical.

Don’t worry – it’s fine to be skeptical! It’s actually GOOD to be that way if you’re thinking about making a big change in your life. You wouldn’t just jump into anything else without doing any research, so why do it now?

I think it’s not really that you’re skeptical, but that you’re intelligent. Great job.

So then there are 3 things that you need to be aware of when you’re comparing to any other home based business. These three things are going to help you separate the facts from the falsehoods.

First, you need to understand that Market America is actually NOT multi-level marketing (MLM). Not that MLM is a bad thing, just that Market America is not MLM. The company does implement networking to distribute products, but there aren’t any “levels”, so by definition, it cannot be MLM.

In most MLM’s, as a distributor you earn a certain percentage of commission from each “level” of distributors in your organization, and that percentage decreases as you go down each level. On the other hand, Market America has no “levels”, so you earn the same amount of commission from each distributors sales in your whole business.

The next thing you should understand is that Market America is a product broker. In other words, they find the products consumers want and sell them, and they don’t manufacture anything on their own. If the consumer doesn’t want a product, they don’t sell it, so there’s no financial loss.

In addition, their “Mall Without Walls” website brokers millions of products through major stores, and distributors can earn money from those sales, too.

Finally, Market America’s entire business is based on moving products to the end consumer, not recruiting new business partners. Market America’s compensation plan is sustainable and built for stability and profitability. This is due to the fact that least 70% of all the product sales are to customers who are NOT distributors.

In fact, the Federal Trade Commission actually now requires that all direct sales companies, like Market America, sell at least 70% of their products to actual customers. However, most other companies do not have business models in place that requires this.

MOST of these companies do not have many customers at all, in fact. Most of them do not distinguish between a customer and a distributor, because they are one and the same. This sets a compensation plan up for failure, because if distributors are the only ones who buy the product, and then the company has to turn around and pay them a commission, there is not enough excess revenue to sustain commissions for all the distributors involved. earns 70% or more of its revenue from just customers – people who do not also get paid for selling their products. Because of this, distributors in the company will earn a sustainable income.

These are three VERY important things to know about this company in the midst of all the misinformation out there. However, no matter what company you decide to align yourself with, you need the right marketing training to be really successful.

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