Three New Year’s Vows That Are Hard To Keep

January 1st marks a new beginning for many people. It’s a day that gives us a clean slate with the ability to start off the new year on a positive note. As a result, swarms of people make pledges that their old habits will die, replaced by new and improved versions of themselves.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular new year’s resolutions that always seem to be hard to keep. This article will focus on three really common ones that I’m sure you’ve heard at some point or another in your life. Maybe you’ve even made one of these yourself.

When the new year strikes, I always come across people who say that their days with cigarettes are now in the past. I wish things were this easy, because the success rate reveals the opposite.

The sad truth is that nicotine is physically addictive, making it much harder for people to follow through with this plan than they realize.

Another popular new year’s resolution is the commitment that people make to get into shape. Whether they’re looking to lose weight or build more muscle, many people make great efforts to set off the new year on a new foot.

January always turns out to be a busy month at my gym as a result. By the next month, things are seemingly back to their normal levels.

Then there are the people who swear that they’ll cut back on their hours at work, as having fun will climb up their list of priorities.

As much as we’d all love to relax, this one isn’t entirely in our power. Our employers often dictate the hours we need to devote to our jobs, and we simply need to spend time working in order to make a living.

These three pledges are certainly difficult ones to consistently adhere to. Still, with a bit of effort and dedication, there’s no reason we can’t do these during any time of the year.

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