Three Keys To Selling Services On Line

Businesses open every day. Many new consulting practices – opened by quality professionals who may have recently found themselves without a job – are opening across the country. A new business start-up is a surprise a minute for the new entrepreneur as the new proprietor must now take on accounting, sales and management in addition to providing her/his service.

Many new enterprises face stiff challenges in generating new sales and revenue streams. New businesses probably don’t begin with a long client list or an established list of contacts. Even talented consultants may not have extensive skills in the sales arena, so each business operator must confront the issue of revenue generation. There are really only two methods for bringing in new revenue though; personal selling and external marketing.

Personal selling is simply the outreach each business professional performs to reach those that he knows in the target market. External marketing is the method by which an enterprise prospects for potential customers. Many consumer behavior studies have shown that the most effective method of prospecting for new clients is via the internet. As consumers researching the purchase of a high-ticket service or product will utilize the internet search engines to find information, internet marketing has emerged as the most popular and effective way to reach prospective customers that are ready to buy.

Common search engines such as Google and Yahoo are the main tools prospective customers use when researching a purchase. A web page for the consulting business that search engines will display when users search for information can connect the entrepreneur with a customer who is ready to buy. Because the internet is so efficient in executing the prospecting process, on-line marketing is now the favored method to build a customer base.

The central ingredient to any on line marketing effort is the web page. Web pages can now be easily produced by anyone with access to a computer and professional web designers can develop one for a fee. Once the page is constructed and deployed, there are three areas that the page owner must focus on in order to get the most out of the on line marketing effort. Optimization Including supporting content Establish value

Optimization: Web page optimization is more commonly known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The principles of SEO hold that the web page must be constructed in a fashion so that the search engines will understand the page content and then rank the page above competitors’ pages. Then when customers look for information, the consultant’s website will be among the first to appear and will invite the reader to visit the page. Low Cost SEO strategies exist to help new organizations get the most from their internet presence.

Supporting Content: Most web designers will organize the pages into logical components summarizing various parts of the business offering. As the web page can contain a great deal of information, different pages describing different products or services are highly useful in answering prospects’ questions and providing the detail that will assist in their decision process. Supporting information and detail is extremely important to include as well-organized sub pages to the main website home page.

Establishing Value: Competition for attention is intense in the internet world and internet users typically have short spans of attention. It is imperative to give the reader a solid reason to stay on the web page within the first few seconds. Dramatic statements or bold claims work well to capture the reader’s interest with a strong statement of value. Just remember to back up any strong claim with facts or -when the business matures – testimonials.

A note seems appropriate here about Twitter and other social network methodologies. Typically, these can work, but require a great deal of time to work the system. Remembering that you are competing to get your message out with thousands of others doing the same thing makes it a constant challenge to keep one’s message in front of prospective readers.

Investing time and energy in learning SEO, page optimization and in personal selling are necessary to compete in today’s economy. However, by managing the process one piece at a time, it is possible for a new consulting practice or new business to attract new clients and build a thriving revenue base using the internet.

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