Those Who Are Not College Graduates Can Still Make A Living

As high school draws to an end, kids make plans to attend college. Some go immediately to community college and move onto earn a four year degree and others go directly to a four year school. There are some who take time off to travel and others who forego college, but those kids are often forgotten about during graduation ceremonies. There is a misconception that kids who are smart head to college and others just drift off to failure. The truth is, many successful adults did not attend traditional four year schools. A lot of kids have no idea what they are going to college for. They are going because their teachers, parents, and peers have assumed they would go or have encouraged them to go. They may want a career in a field that does not require higher education but they are forced into it. Consider being a kid in high school who would like to work in law enforcement type atmosphere. These professionals may benefit from a college education, but will need more hands on experience than studying in the long run. A security certification or security training is going to help a kid with law enforcement dreams while also saving them money.

When kids are being encouraged to attend college, few people inquire as to what the kid hopes to do in the future. They just assume traditional college is going to be the best option instead of taking into account what education will benefit the kid.

If a high school senior dreams of baking or cooking for a living, attending a traditional four year college is going to take them years they could otherwise be training to cook and bake. Instead of attending a traditional college, these kids should head to culinary school.

If they choose to return to a traditional college in the future, it can be done while they work in their chosen field. They will have a solid career and attend college as simply a way to enrich their lives. Plus, if a kid attends a traditional university a few years into adulthood, they will be more mature and get more out of the experience.

Many students think of college as strictly a social experience, and their studies take a back seat to parties, dating, fraternities and sororities and other clubs. While this may be the right choice for some, other kids are more focused and ready to jump right into their career field.

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