Things To Observe Before And While Carrying Out A Translation Project

Are you an expert translator, a beginner, or a student who has to finish some translation tasks? Whichever you are, carrying out a translation task will never be easy to do. You need to consider many things ahead of and while doing the actual task.

Prior To Translation

Before thinking of a good translating performance, you should first have the standard language skills needed: wide vocabulary, sufficient knowledge on grammar rules, and excellent comprehension ability. Just as writing an original piece, these language skills are as well important in translating texts.

If you think you have it all, it’s time to go to the next step: the actual translating.

Doing The Translation Task

Any translator needs to have some fundamental translating skills which are as follows: writing skills, analysis, research skills.

To be able to have better researching skills, it will help if you have the different dictionary types that are needed in your task: monolingual, bilingual, historical, and more other types of dictionaries that can be useful for you. Different word list books will really be of help in translating texts, with respect to the style of the original text.

As regards to text analysis, it goes with comprehending the original piece. When you have a good understanding, then you know that a text sometimes have more than one meaning, and there comes the requirement for good analytical skills.

After identifying a particular text’s different meanings, you will need to determine the best connotation, and you also must recognize the structure in the intended language which best represents the original.

To add more, a well-translated text should be easily understood by the readers. This goes with having good writing skills. More importantly, the original text’s meaning needs to still be expressed in the translated piece. One of the ways to do this is by determining the differences between the literal statements and the metaphorical ones. A literally word-for-word translation may create a bad result, although not all the time.

If you think to consider doing the above mentioned suggestions, you will likely have a better and improved translation performance.

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