There Are Three Mistakes People Make When Looking For Cheap Wedding Photography

When looking for cheap wedding photography people often make three mistakes. When you get done reading this article you will know how to avoid the mistakes and will make good choices without much trouble

You Can’t Ask friends to take pictures:

You have a friend with a camera, and ask them to take photos of your wedding.

Can’t get any cheaper than that right?

The problem with this is; they probably won’t be very good pictures, unless your friend has a high grade camera, and actually has been known to take some pretty amazing photos. And if they do, then they are probably in the semi-pro category of photography.

Not asking for samples:

They just ask someone to take photos, and don’t even ask for samples of photos they took in the past.

Even if they aren’t a pro, they must have taken photos in the past. You should take a look at these photos, and see how good they are. If they aren’t very good at all, then it might not be a good idea to ask them.

Expecting prints:

You’re paying bout next to nothing and expect physical prints on all photos. This is impossible and rude. You can’t expect prints of the wedding if you pay less than $1000.

So even if you found a semi-pro photography that is really good, and you are paying him $500 for photos, then don’t expect physical prints. He will probably give you a CD or 2, and maybe even the memory card he used for your wedding.

Basically if you want cheap wedding photography done for you, then first off, ask a semi-pro photographer. This might be a friend, or at least someone who is trying to make a career out of it. They will have a portfolio to show you, and you will be able to base their work off of that.

Now that you’ve read the article, you now understand three mistakes to avoid. Always ask for samples, don’t expect prints when paying under rate, and don’t ask a friend. Avoid all and just go to a semi-photographer and ask them to show their portfolio. Don’t mind if you pay an unfair wage.

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