There Are 2 Types Of Social Media… 1 Sucks, 1 Makes You Money

I was talking to a friend, just relaxing a bit when I got an alarm on my computer with an email. I just saw this video tutorial where the world’s #1 professional in interpersonal media marketing and advertising really admits that social media sucks. This professional (generally called Guru or Interpersonal Media Rockstar is, yes, you got it….Don Crowther). Don Crowther is launching his new training (which, in case you understand my final post ought to know I’m way excited about): Social Profit Formula.

Fascinated? I sure was…Watch “Social Media Doesn’t Work”:

You need to see this thing, because he explaIns the two deepest, darkest secrets within the social media world. He is uncovering some of his secrets from Social Profit Formula. Strategies that are going to make him to take a ton of fcrap from the interpersonal media purists in the spot.

Secrets that ensure you’ll never make much $$$ from social media. Believe me, this video and the eye-opening worksheet that come with it are going to shift how you see at and use social media to build your business in the future. Remember, I will be posting very soon my Social Profit Formula Review & the best Social Profit Formula Bonus.

So, in this video you are going to learn some of the secrets most Internet Marketers will never know about Social Media, and how to actually use it, without coming across as a pushy salesman, or someone trying to exploit the social mediums. You will be percieved as a cool guy, rather than just a corporate Marketer who doesn’t even check his Social Media account. By separating yourself with these techniques, you will definately ensure yourself a big portion of what we call The Social Media treassure trove.

This video is full of great stuff you can use immediately to give your social media efforts a major profit boost. I urge you to take a look ASAP.

You are going to be blown away with my Social Profit Formula Bonus & the Social Profit Formula Review to come.

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