Children And Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression is quite common among young children. And usually children have a difficult time dealing with their paranormal experience and will need outside counseling. Therapy is used to help the child cope and understand the memories they experience. It helps them understand that nothing is wrong with them but instead they learn to live with and appreciate their unique abilities.

Parents of young children experiencing past life regression, at first believe it is the work of a very active imagination. But when the stories become more detailed and they begin to reference historical facts or mature levels of information then the parental concern tends to rise. It soon becomes clear that the stories are not made up and that the child is experiencing something beyond what is considered normal.

Oftentimes, children that experience this paranormal activity start to demonstrate problems or difficulties in other areas of their young lives. Problems in school may result in a child exhibiting anti-social behavior, becoming withdrawn resulting in a drop in their grades. Therapy is used to help the child get in touch with their deeper emotion which is often rooted in fear. They are taught ways to release their anxiety in productive ways that make them no longer susceptible to this fear.

Seeking therapy can be a difficult decision for parents with children that undergo this phenomena. But is is often necessary as problems in school or behavioral issues may get worse. The anxiety children experience may also result in self-destructive behavior and continued issues of acting out within the home. Therapy then becomes the only sound option.

As a result of the past life memories, children have been known to experience physical and or emotional illness. When they can not properly process what is happening on a mental or intellectual level, then symptoms may impose themselves in a physical nature. Children may become prone to headaches or digestions problems due to the anxiety associated with their past life memories. Therapy then becomes a means to help alleviate these symptoms. Once these physical and emotional issues are addressed, therapist can then teach the children coping mechanisms so they can reconnect to their inner emotions in a healthy manner.

Therapy sessions usually include the child’s parents. Children that experience past life regressions need to know they are not alone. Including parents in the sessions helps the child to lessen their anxiety it also helps parents to better understand their child’s condition. Parents are oftentimes asked to participate in various treatment exercises that help their child articulate their experience.

Parent’s involvement is also essential because many of the child’s added anxiety may be the result of issues within the family. Therapist will explore the family dynamic and may investigate any connections to the child’s past life regression and their parent’s life experience. Oftentimes, there is a connection that aides in the healing process.

Children have similar treatments to adults that experience past life memories. But therapist tend to make the sessions a bit more creative to hold the attention of young children. For example, they may be asked to tell stories about their past experiences as though they were a character in a book. This is done to hold the child’s attention and the make them feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

During therapy sessions, children may be asked to draw pictures of their experience. Therapist try to make the children as comfortable as possible before delving into the details of their past life memories. Therapy may involve children being asked to recall vivid details of a regression event and put it into the form of a story or fairy tale.

Therapeutic methods for children may also include drawing pictures of their past experience. Therapist may also use a technique called kenesiologic muscle test. During this test children are asked to recall how certain body parts felt during their past memory. To make the test more fun, therapist may ask the child to directly ask questions of their arm or leg. Asking their own limbs how they felt, what they stepped in, what they touched during a past life experience. This is a fun and interactive way to help children associate with their experiences.

Visualization is another technique used by therapist. Children may be asked to picture themselves in a very relaxed image. They may even be asked to picture themselves sailing among the clouds. Whatever image that will help the child to remain calm during the session. Which ever method is used, therapy for children that experience past life regression is highly recommended as this is a very unique and complicated condition.

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