The World Loves International Horse Racing

Horse racing has been a popular sport for several hundred years. It is extremely popular in the United States and Great Britain especially, but many other countries love the thrill of the race. International horse racing is a sport that can gather multitudes of different people of different cultures together to enjoy one common sport.

In 1996, Dubai decided to become a bigger factor in the racing world by opening the Dubai Race Track and offering the race world yet another venue for the Sport. The prize for this race would be called the Dubai World Cup and the first horse to win it would be Cigar, the American wonder horse. This first race would bring the United Arab Emirates into the horse racing fold.

Horse racing fans can enjoy over 70 different race courses in Great Britain. One of their more popular race tracks would be the AinTree racecourse that features the John Smith Grand National race.

Although Ireland does not have as many tracks as Great Britain, they do have around 30 beautiful course to offer their fans. One of the more popular tracks in Ireland would be the Bellewstown Race Track that is found in beautiful countryside that has breathtaking views of the hills surrounding it with a glimpse of the Irish Sea.

Canada has about 50 plus race tracks all offering a different variety of races and activities to keep people happy. Fraser Downs not only offers a variety of races to enjoy they also have some great dinning and casino that you can spend some time in or relax in a charming pub and excellent company.

The United States has over 150 different race tracks some of the more popular and well known ones would be Santa Anita Parkway, Hollywood Park, Arlington Park and of course probably the most famous is the home of the Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs.

Australia loves its horse racing as well and offer a variety of different courses and races. The one that stands out among them all would be the Melbourne Cup that takes place every year at the Flemington Racecourse.

Japan has been successful with the sport as well. They have set up their racing to resemble that of the United States. The thing that stands out about their racing is that they actually have the largest purse. The winner of their big race gets over four and a half million dollars.

International horse racing is big and reaches far and wide. Some other countries that have a good grip on the sport would be France, Germany, New Zealand, India, China and many more. It has become far more than the sport of kings.

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