The wedding breakfast is not a morning meal as the name implies; but is the dinner that is held after the wedding. In the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the wedding dinner is still called the wedding breakfast.

The actual wedding breakfast is traditionally not a meal. In pre-Reformation times the wedding ceremony used to be held after Mass, which meant that the bride and groom would be fasting. After the wedding ceremony the priest would bless and pass around wine, cakes and other sweets. In Catholic custom, everyone must fast since day break till the Mass is over. So, for the bride and groom this would literally be their first meal after the wedding.

The motive why the wedding breakfast should be given supreme importance is quite obvious from this. It is the most significant feast for the bridegroom and the bride in the sense that it is their first feast together as an officially wedded pair. Considering the importance of this part of a marriage ceremony, it is also quite comprehensible that the breakfast follows certain procedures of manners and traditional conferences.

Asides from the families of the bride and groom, all the friends and guests of the wedding are invited for the wedding breakfast. Usually, there is a band playing dance-music, the band may have singers as well and the newly married couple start the dancing by being the first couple on the dance floor.

There are certain rules that must be followed during the event. The seats are placed in a receiving line to the top table. The groom sits on the right side of the bride. The families of the couple sit adjoining to each of them. The father sits on the right side of the mother’s seat. The bridesmaid and best man sit at the corner of the table. There are three customary toasts at the breakfast session. These special announcements are done by friends or family members. The groom on behalf of the bride makes a response to these toasts. The event manager is responsible to properly arrange the event and rules must be followed.

A vital facet of the breakfast is the declaration of the three conventional toasts. The retort to these toasts is usually done by the bridegroom on the behalf of the bride and then by the friend of the bridegroom on behalf of the friends of the bride.

There is a lot of alcohol and food consumed at a wedding breakfast and most guests have a really good time. At the end of the meal, the wedding cake is brought in and placed in front of the newly wed couple. Both the bride and the groom hold the knife together and cut the wedding cake. The guests clap while the cake is cut and after that someone else, usually the bride or groom’s mother takes over and cuts the cake into slices.

You can even ask your family members and friends to decorate the trees and the area. Decorate the trees with colorful ribbons or even balloons. It will look terrific. In this way everyone will be happy and nobody will be left out of the crowd as everyone will be participating. The wedding break fast etiquette must be considered. Three are four main points namely food, seating, speeches and table decorations, should be managed carefully. They should match the theme and colors used in the wedding. Therefore it is vital to plan first and then put into action this big event.

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