The Vital Aspect To Attain High Rank In Search Engines

There are many people who do not believe that ranking good in search engines for the website is the most important concern than any other thing and that’s true. You can get all the data online from different sources. I personally think that SEO does not play such an important role but I think that the most vital feature to achieve good rank is Links.

Usually, the ranking of the search engine directly depends on the number of links. More the links for your website there creates a positive effect on the importance thereby resulting in high ranks of your website in search engines. That means it reduces the time you spend on doing on page optimization. This is because you have attained a significant rank in all the search engines. Adobe Acrobat Reader page has been found as a very good illustration of this.

This can be explained as if you look for the phrase “click here” on Google, you will see Adobes page appearing first on the window and not the company that identify themselves as Click Here or the website who precisely use this phrase. Now if you click and open Adobe’s Acrobat you would come to know that both the words neither appear in the source code and nor the text code.

Therefore some of the SEO experts have realized now that it is the back links that play a major role in attaining high ranks than any other features particularly Google. So, there are many business corporate, educational departments and government institutions that use Adobe as their back links by using the words “click here”.

For instance, if we consider Adobe there comes approximately thousands of back links from the major authority sites like educational institutions and government departments, not to forget the biggest corporations throughout the world who use the Acrobat reader software making use of the two words “click here” as an another text.

What is the source of these back links? Yahoo and Bing play a vital role in improving the ranks of the website by providing some links. However, Google is a bit selective in this matter.

Although, it is not at all good to use the same keywords in all the back links as there is a great value of this which should not be ignored. This might result in ban of your website not only by Google but also from other search engines.

Therefore, it is better to trust those directories that offer back links to achieve good ranks in search engines like Bing and Yahoo than selecting Google for your purpose. However, if you go for Google then only put your efforts to obtain better quality back links and not relying on the directories who assure you to achieve good rank for the website. So, keep in mind the above mentioned factors to attain high rank for your website in various search engines.

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