The View From Hotels In Downtown Portland

Looking out from any of the hotels in downtown Portland, you will notice that this once-cozy city is now a casualty of the Seattle Grunge scene. Everywhere you look you see the signs of a new corporate slickness. Though Grunge has come and gone, and sure, Seattle is still the largest city north of San Francisco, Portland has managed to transform itself into a quiet little hipster mecca.

Imagine that the Pacific Northwest is a royal family. Washington would be the king, British Columbia the queen, and Oregon the princess. The most populated city in Oregon is — you guessed it — Portland. It’s the City of Roses — a fitting adornment for a princess. It is the third most-populated city in the Pacific Northwest, and is home to one of the largest growing economic and cultural expansions in recent history.

In recent years, Portland has attracted a very select strata of the American population known as the hipster. Indeed, though New York abounds with hipsters, these 18-35 year old, upper middle class, college-educated men and women are flocking to Portland in record numbers. Indeed, where hipsters go, so too the alternative bands follow. Such bands as The Decemberists, Modest Mouse, and The Shins now call Portland home — solidifying the city’s status as the new alternative music capital.

Portland, as well as Seattle, has become the inheritor of some major technological firms (like Intel), prompting speculation that the Silicon Valley of the San Francisco Bay area could e supplanted by this emerging Silicon Forest. Whether or not this monumental shift ever takes place, Portland has indeed set itself apart as a very attractive city to companies eager to employ the droves of well-educated hipster who are quickly becoming residents.

There are still a few blue collar, non-ironic pleasures to be enjoyed in the city. case in point: the wealth of microbreweries located in the city. Oh, and the fact that it is home to the hard-working Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA. Today the NBA, tomorrow who knows? There is talk of expansion Major League Soccer and Major League baseball teams being assigned to the city, as well as a possible NFL team. What would we call them? The Portland Rose Buds?

From the top of any of the Uk marriage visa hotels in downtown Portland, you can see how the city has changed and where it’s headed. Come and see for yourself!

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