The Various Kinds Of All-Inclusive Resorts

Vacations are meant for relaxation, rest, and enjoyment, all of which are easy to achieve with an all-inclusive resort vacation. An all-inclusive resort is one which charges a single fee for your stay. This fee covers everything from meals to the tips you would provide to resort staff. While the term all-inclusive means different things to different people, it generally means that you can expect to have the cost of your stay, meals, and at least some activities covered by the single booking fee you pay for staying at the resort. Travel is often included, and your entire trip is paid for with a single arrangement.

All-inclusive resorts are most often planned resort communities that feature numerous activities and events on the resort grounds. Most include pools and those which are near beaches have private oceanfront space reserved for guests. Spas, golf courses, and other activities are frequently included on the grounds of many all-inclusive resorts. Music, dancing, festivities, and dining are also common at resorts. Large parties can draw significant crowds of guests, and fantastic feasts fill the bellies of those who attend.

All-inclusive resorts can vary in size and amenities. They offer different types of activities, and the concept of “all-inclusive” can vary from location to location. Some resorts offer an all-inclusive package which does not actually include all the potential activities in which you would like to participate. You should investigate thoroughly prior to making a commitment to any particular resort.

Luxury Resorts

Luxury all-inclusive resorts feature fine dining and the most exclusive accommodations. Gourmet restaurants, organized formal dances, and spa activities are common in luxury resorts. These vacation spots can be located anywhere in the world, as they primarily focus on indoor activities, with luxurious rooms, fine meals, and formal gatherings. They can include high-end pool accommodations, private beaches, golf courses, skiing, extensive sauna and spa facilities, and other more expensive activities.

Casual, Relaxed Resorts

The casual, relaxed atmosphere of a general all-inclusive resort is appealing to many visitors. Single travelers, couples, and families will all find fun and relaxation at a casual all-inclusive resort. Children’s activities abound, and adults will find numerous activities with which to occupy their time. Dining is often a casual buffet, and cookouts are also common. Simple and relaxing evenings, not filled with the social expectations or hustle and bustle of daily life, make the casual resort a favorite among busy, working professionals.

Family Resorts

Family resorts strive to provide activities geared to the likings and abilities of all family members. Activities for young children abound, and teenagers will also find a variety of ways to spend their days and evenings. Many of the activities at family resorts are intended for the entire family to participate in together. Family resorts feature water sports and similar sports and gaming activities. Some family resorts have theme parks, playgrounds, and other children’s areas.

Specialty Resorts

Resorts which fall into this category are those that focus almost exclusively on providing a themed getaway. For those interested in a pampered and relaxing vacation, an all-inclusive spa resort will work best. Specialty resorts can also include those that feature only water-based activities or sporting events. Marinas and ocean access are essential in a water-themed resort locale, and the best of these resorts are often found in Central and South America as well as in the Caribbean.

Golf enthusiasts will find a number of resorts around the world for their traveling pleasure. Fine golfing accommodations can be found in every corner of the globe but many vacationers tend to look for warmer locales, making Central and South America prime locations for finding specialty golfing resorts. These resorts are geared to the real golf lover, who plans to spend a great deal of their vacation time on the green.

Gay Resort Getaways

Other specialty resorts can cater to a particular subculture or population, as in the case with those resorts designed for members of the gay community. At these resorts, guests can openly be themselves and relax among a friendly and accepting group of vacationers. Blue Seas Old Town in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is one of the more sought-after resort locales for gay couples. Other resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Florida also cater exclusively to the gay population.

Romantic Getaway Resorts

Romantic couples resorts are frequently visited by newlyweds. These resorts are limited to adults only and focus almost entirely on romantic activities. They are included in the category of specialty resorts but as they are more numerous than most other types of specialty resorts, they do deserve a category unto themselves. is an online travel company determined and dedicated to becoming the leader in providing travelers with the most intuitive online booking experience full of relevant information, helpful guides and travel tips. Find great deals on Uk marriage visa all inclusive vacations at!

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