The USA And Russia In Spy Trade Off

The USA And Russia In Spy Trade Off

This week there has been a trade of suspected spies between the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency and the USA’s Central Intelligence Agency. Each of the organisations have agrees to trade 10 USA dwelling Russian spies in exchange for four western spies captured and imprisoned in Russia. The trade is expected to have been carried out due to humanitarian grounds and will hopefully improve the relations between both countries.

The straight swap should see communications between Russia and America improve greatly in the future, there has not been a trade on this scale since the days of the cold war, not publicly anyway.

The ten Russian’s have been accused of falsely leading the lives and lifestyles of genuine American citizens and taking part in the following; use of secret codes and invisible ink, obtaining a US citizen passport falsely, living as a US citizen falsely and using FM transmitters to pass on any sensitive information. Some of the spies are said to have been in position since the early ninetees.

A representative for the Kremlin has spoken to confirm that President Medvedev has signed a decree in order to arrange the release of four western intelligence spies currently enraptured in Russia.

Igor Sutyagin, an arms analyst has already been deported which will come as a pleasing move for the US Government. The United States have now deported the ten Russian spies in exchange for the four western spies released from Russia. It has been said that none of the spies were successful in being able to infiltrate government information during the time they have been in the country.

All ten of the suspects have admitted that they knew their actions had been against the law, during the court appearance they were all forced to drop their American identities and resume their Russian identities.

Russian Foreign Ministry members have acknowledged that some of the suspects included were Russian citizens but have denied the fact that they acted against the interests of the US government.

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