If you weren’t interested in The Sopranos when it was on, trust us: It’s not just Goodfellas The Show, or Godfather The Series. It’s worth a try, and thanks to tv and movie downloads, it’s never too late to catch on.

The Sopranos is not a show about gangsters. Well, okay, it is, but more importantly, it’s a show about family. The core of the show is not Tony Soprano’s job, it’s how his job affects his home life with his wife and children, how it affects his friendships and relationship with more distant family members, and even his crew are really just members of his extended family. It’s a show about a family man who just happens to loan shark, steal and scam for a living.

Most crime stories are just crime stories. The Sopranos is a very human show about very real human beings. The crime family thing is a big part of it, but it’s really only the backdrop, it’s what these guys do for a living, it’s not all there is to the show. We can relate to everything the characters on this show go through. We haven’t all been shot by our best friends, but we’ve all been betrayed.

Each season only brings more problems for the characters, just as every year brings more responsibilities into your lap.

You’ve heard about the ending. If you haven’t, we’ll try not to spoil it, but the whole idea of arguing about what it means is sort of behind the point. Life is full of worries and fears and problems, but it just keeps going, there’s no finish line, you just try to do the best you can from day to day.

The show was a revolution for fictional television, which had been growing stale in light of the unpredictability and realism of reality TV. So David Chase came up with a concept that would mix that with the stronger storytelling of fictional shows. The end result led to similar shows like LOST and House M. D., which put real characters into the show in place of the cliche, stock characters of the wacky neighbors and best friends.

Don’t go nuts trying to make sense of everything. The show is full of unanswered questions, and just as in life, you’ll never figure it all out.

If there’s a moral to the story that The Sopranos tells, it’s this: Life is hard to figure out, but tomorrow’s another day. It’s really interesting that, while the specifics may be different, you will see your own life reflected in Tony’s more so than you will in most movies or shows where the lead characters have more conventional jobs. That’s really the mark of incredible storytelling. If you liked The Cosby Show, The Sopranos deals with, essentially, the same sort of emotional territory.

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