Area rugs are versatile home decorations that can gracefully set the tone for a room’s ambiance. They can also enhance decorative pieces or stand alone as a room’s centerpiece. With the different colors, shapes, designs and patterns available, it is effortless for area rugs to complement the entire space.

Area rugs are as widely available and diverse as candies in a candy store. You search for area rugs and it can either be an overwhelming experience (there are so many kinds!) or an enjoyable one (you want to buy everything!). The collections appeal to any preference. If you have an idea of the perfect area rug in your home, you can be assured that you will find what you have envisioned. If not, you’ll see something that almost looks like what you want.

Today, online and offline rug shops feature a range of choice that makes it almost impossible to visit two homes that have the same type of area rugs in the creativity of coloring and texture. Today, you can choose area rugs for your living rooms, bedrooms and family rooms exactly according to your requirements. One room might have a square woolen rug, another an oval synthetic rug while still another room in the same house will have a round braided rug.

Using multiple rugs in one room is a common decorating technique. For as long as space permits it comfortably and the rugs suit the room, then using two or more is not really a problem. Rugs aren’t just for decorating purposes but they are also for functional reasons of protecting the flooring. Area rugs in the kitchen for example, prevent damage to the floor by shielding it against dirt, grime and oil. A rug on the front porch also limits the dirt indoor, especially when it is wet and muddy outside.

Wool rugs make great cushions for furniture sets or heavy items. Cotton rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas like the kitchen, entryway and bathroom. Even if subjected to more feet activities, cotton rugs are easy to wash and dry thus, eliminate the burden of heavy cleaning. Choose rugs not just based on their color, design or shape, but also for the materials that can sustain wear and tear, and can handle furnishings well.

Rug stores stock a variety of rugs from designer rugs and casual designs to coral and cayman rugs; from botanical to naturalistic and from traditional to hunter or contemporary rugs. With such a wide assortment available, you are sure to find one that suits you perfectly whatever your personal preference and however large or small your budget may be.

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