The Top Three 2010 Martial Arts Movies And Their Effect On The Martial Arts Community

As you may have noticed, martial arts movies are growing more and more popular in the entertainment industry. In 2010, there have been numerous films already released. If you would like for others to know more about martial arts films, consider the following films to discuss the top 3 martial arts movies of 2010 and their impact on the martial arts community.

Ninja Assassin has been one of the main films that everyone has been interested in. The plot is based in Berlin and focuses on an orphan who lives with a clan of ninjas. The orphan experiences violent and rough training throughout his life so that he can become a ninja and assassin, though this is different from who he actually wants to be. In reflection of this, after all of the cruelty he experiences and the amount of freedom that he is denied, he betrays the clan one night and focuses on becoming independent.

While he becomes independent, the clan searches for him so that they can avenge his actions. He eventually meets an agent who is interested in his case and they befriend each other. The reason that this film has become so popular is because there are many unique and memorable martial arts scenes throughout the storyline.

Another film that has been fairly popular with everyone is called Ninja. The film starts with a historical journey regarding ninjas throughout time. After this, there is a beautiful example of a martial arts display. The storyline then continues very quickly with the main character fighting with the villain over the girl that they both like during the film. There is also a fight over ninja heirlooms and who has rights to what. There is some decent action in the film, but it is full of more gore than it needs to be.

A film that hasn’t yet been released is the remake of The Karate Kid. This has already become very popular even prior to the release, because everyone is curious to see if this remake will be anything like the original film was. The best recommendation for this situation would be to see the original first, if you’ve never seen it before, and then watch the remake. This way you can see the differences between the two and compare the amount of actual martial arts in the films.

However, the original film itself was a great example of martial arts. Additionally, it was safe for younger individuals to watch. This allowed for many younger people to become curious about martial arts and want to learn more about it. If the remake is any reflection of this, then there will again be younger generations that are curious about the practice and want to know more.

The films listed here were released early in 2010. You might find yourself wondering how many more martial arts movies everyone can expect to see for the duration of the year. In the long run, this can be a positive influence for the martial arts community. It allows for more people to know about martial arts and become interested. But, it should also be considered that it would be better if movies focused more on martial arts and less on ninjas and gore.

In general, these are a few suggestions you might want to mention the next time you’re discussing the top 3 martial arts films of 2010. There are many films that are yet to be made and released as the year continues. As the year progresses, the list will most likely change, but you will have a few movies to base some discussions on until then.

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