The Technical World These Days Can Actually Make Public Knowledge Of Your Private Life

This is a pretty exciting age. There are a number of reasons for that. The population’s perceptions have shifted.What were once considered unacceptable practices and behaviours have suddenly become the norm.We see a lot of different examples of that. And Most of the example are good.The racial equality is now higher than ever , and the same applies to women in work places.

The IT sector had a major influence on many of these cultural shifts.Electronic storage and data extraction from huge depositories of information facilitated many tedious tasks.I can’t imagine how hard it must have been in the past to find the right document in those paper mountains. Imagine using a ladder to get to the right shelf?.Now the desired information is two clicks away(sometimes even less). It is also more secure in a physical sense. A natural disaster no longer threatens the integrity of the documents. Files are backed up on servers which are located in different places.

But this is where things get complicated. Bad guys can also gain access to these data bases. This means ,that our privacy is at the mercy of the data base security. Because where there is a lock there will always be a key.

Even though it is a dangerous world out there, centralized data bases have created very convenient services for regular users. comes to mind.

This service allows you to get details about the person to whom a particular telephone number belongs.It has a lot of useful applications in our everyday lives. If a person is being bombarded with phone calls from a particular telemarketing company he can reverse lookup their number and send an official letter to their address. You can also discover who is that annoying individual who is placing silent phone calls.

Unfortunately this innocent service can be used in a bad way. A person who is using reverse telephone lookup might be a stalker too. He might be looking up information about a person who is not returning his phone calls. But where do we draw the line? This is a perverted mix of freedom of information and privacy violation.

In my view it is up to the people to decide what information should be collected and disclosed. Otherwise the federal government and private corporations will continue grinding at the stone. One day we might wake up and see our privacy rights completely vanished.

At that point it will be too late to do anything. I think that every privacy bill should pass through the smallest levels of senate in order to satisfy people’s privacy needs.

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