The State Duma accused Clubhouse of spying on users

The deputies said that foreign intelligence agencies have unlimited opportunities to obtain information about users.

The administration of the new popular social network Clubhouse can cooperate with foreign intelligence agencies and transfer information about users to them. This opinion was expressed by the deputy and first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Economic Policy Sergey Kalashnikov in an interview with journalists of the radio station “Says Moscow”.
“All the special services of the world are engaged in determining who is friends with whom, so I am sure that there is no such network, well, maybe, except Telegram, which absolutely does not track communications. I’m sure Clubhouse is tracked just like everyone else. Any entry of a person into the network is recorded: with whom, who, about what, ” the parliamentarian said.
At the same time, Kalashnikov noted that he is not a Clubhouse user himself, has never logged into the app and is generally opposed to social networks.
Deputy Vitaly Milonov, in turn, shared the opinion that foreign intelligence services have enough opportunities to spy on users without Clubhouse.
“The intelligence services of various countries, especially in the United States, already have unlimited opportunities to spy on us, since we use the American operating systems iOS and Google Android,” he explained.

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