The Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer – Affordably Priced Yet Big On Performance

Home fitness machines undoubtedly provide convenience, especially for busy people who got no time to hit the gym. And such is the Sole e25 – an elliptical trainer that’s compact, feature-packed and carries an affordable price tag. This machine comes from Sole Fitness, which has been manufacturing treadmills for more than 20 years now.

The foot pedals of the e25 are designed to provide the users maximum comfort and safety. After all, these foot pedals were designed with the help of physical therapists and fitness aficionados themselves. An inward slope measuring 2 degrees allow for minimal impact and stress on the hips, back, ankles and knees. What’s more, the adjustable foot beds make the machine comfortable for anyone using the machine.

It has a 20-inch stride length, and its smooth, fluid motion is powered by a very quiet drive system. The larger the stride length, the more leg muscles are targeted, thus allowing for a more effective workout. The e25 uses an ECB magnetic type of resistance. There are 20 levels of resistance, so the user can always have challenging workouts as the fitness level progresses.

On-the-spot workout regimen is provided each and every time by the inbuilt 10 programs. The ramp’s inclination can be altered manually, anywhere between 15-30 degrees angle. Such allows you to zoom in on as many lower body muscle groups as possible. Your upper body’s workout is provided by the hand grips that move as you pedal.

While not as powerful as what other more expensive fitness machines carry, the e25’s fan is just about enough to help cool you. A water bottle holder keeps your source of hydration handy. Built-in speakers make your work out regimen less of a drag. Simply plug in your pocket MP3 player and have a blast listening to your favorite music tracks or even audio books.

There’s a basic blue-backlit LCD screen that displays useful information such as time, distance, level, calories burned, etc. Another pair of handle bars, this time stationary, comes with a built-in pulse sensor to readout your pulse. While a heart rate monitor is absent, a heart rate chest strap is available to make up for it.

This 189-pounder fitness machine has a weight capacity of 325 lbs. Compared to other elliptical trainers with affordable price tags, the Sole e25 undeniably packs in more features. It allows for hassle-free and effective home exercising, and it’s compact enough to not take much of your precious living space.

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