The happy thoughts of a nice couple dressed for their wedding being showered in rice is an image that is conjured up by the mention of the word marriage. They each have separate expectations of what their life together will hold, these may include raising a family. And then after a few years, the unexpected happens and your find yourself single again. Now it’s different, you have kids to take care of on your own.

The Downside to Being a Single Parent

Going through a death of a spouse or a divorce causes a huge burden for families. The single parent wonders how they will manage on their own. Stress also effects the children. Losing one of their parents will cause them to experience sadness. Earning a living, bearing all of the burden of raising a family, and maintaining the house has caused strain on the remaining parent, which they can see.

This is when it’s important to see that you are good enough if you give your best. No one expects you to become immortal. Providing your children with a stable environment filled with love should be your focus. They need to know that when their world has changed, that they are still loved and that they can depend on you. Children and the Affect of Anger From Divorce

No matter how hard your divorce may have been, do not talk negatively about your ex-spouse in front of the children. Do your best to spin a positive angle on the situation to instill a sense of security in your children’s mind. Tell them that you love them and that they are going to be fine. Tell them that the other parent still loves them too.

Anger will only make the situation worse for your children. You will begin to bottle up your pain inside of you too You should think of this as a new chapter of adventures as a single parent. Keep looking forward to a new and happier future, rather than reliving the past in relentless pain.

If possible, try to surround the kids with other relatives who can also offer a sense of security and normalcy. This kind of support often comes from grandparents. Remember, your kids have two sets of grandparents, so let them keep in touch with your ex-spouse’s family too. It can be hard for your, depending upon your situation. It can add to their pain tough, if you keep them away from other close connections after they have already lost a parent.

In the end, you children need your love. It doesn’t matter that this love may now only come from one parent. Love is magical, you can never run out of love for your children.

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