The Secret About Debt Consolidation That Nobody Wants You To Know.

The debt consolidation business is based in borrowing money from one lender to pay off outstanding debts with a better interest rates, on the other hand this lender will manage the monthly payments to the previous lenders, one of the most obvious advantages of this system is that the clients just have to deal with a single monthly payment.

These are the steps to consider in the debt consolidation process:

* Add up the monthly payments on the accounts you want to consolidate. * Make a list of interest rates with each of your accounts, and set the average of this rate. * Call your creditors and request cancellation cash balances as of the date it intends to consolidate debts. * The sum of their balance of cancellation should be the initial starting amount for consolidation. View loan options. * The interest rate should be lower than average in their exercise of the previous calculation. * Take into consideration the term of the loan and planning. * Once you have consolidated their debts to avoid entering the same situation. Remember that controlling your finances is in yourself. This applies to individuals, who are now in the countries where there are certain terms that should be taken into account which are called “Toronto terms”, because they are words that were established in the World Economic Summit in Toronto in June1988. They were applied to the countries designated by the World Bank as “IDA-only” borrowers who had a very heavy debt, low per capital income and balance of payments problems. These countries should have strong structural adjustment programs supported by the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND.

The fundamental principles of the Toronto terms are basically two: 1.- To define the terms of the debts of the development assistance. 2.- For the debt that is not development assistance, create the introduction of the conditions for payment.

The debt of the ODA is returned with a maturity of 25 years including 14 years of extension, the default interest will be lower than the initial rate. For debts other than Development Assistance, creditors can choose from a menu of 3 payment terms.

The first option is: 1/3 of the debt will be canceled and returned with a maturity of 14 years for the remaining amount (with 8 years of extension), the market will define the default interests.

Option B: repayment in 25 years with 14 years of extension and default interest will be marked by the market.

Option “C”: The same terms like the option “A”, but the default interest rates will be 3.5% points below the market rate set (according with the market and depending on the reductions)

The Paris club agreed to add (In December 1991) the concessions for the countries with lower incomes plus the terms defined in the Toronto meeting (basically 2 options to reduce the debt and to re negotiate the concessions). The option represents a 50% concession of forgiveness in present value terms in debt service payments, lowering the debt during the consolidation period. Additionally, it was agreed to establish a timetable for consideration of a potential debt reduction. Creditors have indicated willingness to consider restructuring the remaining time when the debt is canceled on a date not later than 3 or 4 years.

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