The San Joaquin Nonprofit Fair Housing Agency

Like every county’s fair housing department, the San Joaquin nonprofit agency caters to the needs of many, by providing them with resources for various types of affordable, non discriminatory housing. Here is a short summary of some of the different housing type resources you might find through the appropriate agency that serves your county – but remember, what is provided to the public is considered a courtesy only, and none of the rentals are endorsed by the government agency:

Housing for low income disabled, and senior citizens – Those with disabilities, and those who are senior citizens, face a whole different set of challenges in regards to housing. Both sectors often have infirmities that prevent them from being able to find housing that is affordable, and accessible – and is safe to live in, as well.

Resources for these types of units are plentiful and many of them have been modified so they are now ‘user friendly’ to this sector of society – as well as being within their budgets. However, these types of rentals usually do not offer emergency medical services, or pharmacies, on the premises – unlike privately run rehabilitation and senior assisted living quarters tend to have for their residents.

Visionary homes – On a deeper level, visionary housing includes those residences that are built in such a ‘fantastical’ manner, that they are considered too ‘out there’ to live in by state housing code specifications – and by most of society, for that matter. However, in the ‘fair housing’ situation, this usually means former derelict buildings that have been rehabilitated, brought up to code, and are now fit for human habitation. These dwellings include multiple family townhouses, condominiums and the like – which are available exclusively to those low-income persons with families and limited means.

Section 8 housing program – Some residences fall under the category of Section 8. These are those rentals owned by property management companies, who have agreed to open the units up to renters of the Federally funded low income housing program. If you wish to be approved for Section 8 housing, you must first apply at your city’s Housing and Urban Development Department, and meet their protocol – which can be complicated.

Once you’ve been confirmed as a qualified applicant, the next step is for you to locate a residence that will cost you no more than 30% of your annual income in rent – which includes the monthly utilities to run it. Also, the residence in question must fit in with the ‘rental rate’ of the specific area it’s in, as well as being up to code as far as its amenities and safety features are concerned.

So, the next time you’re in the market for a new residence in the county, and you feel you fit any of the above-mentioned criteria – you might want to check into the resources provided through the San Joaquin nonprofit fair housing agency – and see if you can find the information you need.

San Joaquin nonprofit

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