It is important to replace missing teeth. Many people leave gaps in their mouth for years, especially if the missing teeth are in the back. However, a gap due to even a single missing tooth can lead to a domino effect of other dental problems.

A gap due to one or more missing teeth allows other teeth in the area to drift into the open space. The teeth on the sides of the gap and opposite the gap tend to tip, tilt or “grow into” the space. This can create changes in your bite and chewing habits and can potentially lead to pain in your jaw, cavities and gum disease and can lead to loss of more teeth.

Missing teeth also force you to chew only on one side or only with your front teeth. This puts extra pressure on your existing teeth. Front teeth are designed for biting and cutting and not chewing. If you are mainly chewing with your front teeth, these will eventually wear down, become loose and start to hurt.

Many people with missing teeth find that it is difficult to chew harder foods. This leads to lowered consumption to nutritional fruits and vegetables which are important in a healthy, balanced diet.

Please call us about replacing any missing teeth. Early intervention will help you avoid more extensive and expensive dentistry in the future!

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