The Result To Your Business Of A Timely Flower Delivery

It is significant to your business that you have a timely flower delivery. While the flower shop has many features that make up the business, having fresh flowers is at the top of the list. If you do not get your flowers delivered in a timely manner, you may not be in business for long.

A critical element of your business is that your flowers from your supplier show up when expected. You must have a supplier that you can trust to show up when they say they will and having your order in hand. Funeral sprays and bouquets for weddings cannot be late for the occasion. These customers will not give a hoot that it was the supplier that messed you up. All they know is that you ruined their plans. A bereaved daughter will not care why her spray was not at the funeral, only that she will never live it down and it is your shop that failed to deliver. And the bride will be sure that you have trashed her wedding. So make sure you are working with a dependable supplier.

Another element you must be concerned with for timely deliveries is your business documentation and how it is filed. When an order is taken, the delivery information must be properly documented. Then the order must be consistently placed in an area for your designers to get it at the proper time. Some customers such as brides or party planners may order their flowers months in advance. You need to make sure that the order for those events is not lost, but made available when it is time for the designer to make the arrangements, so they are ready for the delivery on time.

Most people that order flowers wait until the last day or so, but they still expect the flowers to be there when they want them to be there. You need to make sure your system is in place for your designers to grab the orders when they need to be made. You do not want to find that paperwork the day after the flowers were due to be delivered, so make sure you have a system in place for the documentation.

Your delivery to the recipient is the next item to stay on top of. The customer is expecting those flowers to arrive within a certain frame of time. It is good for the florist if he or she can get as close as possible to what the customer asks for. Consider that if the customer has requested delivery to a restaurant, arriving after they have eaten and left is not the time to deliver the arrangement. Other time essential deliveries would be for funerals, parties or weddings.

There are some occasions where the one running things will offer to accept the delivery early. Because flowers have a good shelf life, you can make funeral sprays the day before and deliver them to the mortuary for the service the next day. Most mortuaries have a cooler for keeping the flowers in until the time of the service. Wedding pieces can also be delivered early if there is a place to keep them cool until the ceremony.

Holidays such as Valentines and Mothers Day cause their own problems. Orders will be up, and you still must deliver. This is when you must consider getting holiday drivers, those that only come in to help you get through the holiday. Valentines Day is the worst because all the arrangements must be delivered on one day. On Mothers Day you are given some grace because some of your customers will want their arrangements delivered during the days coming up to the holiday, spreading deliveries out over the week.

As you can see, there are a lot of variables about the flower delivery, starting with your supplier and ending at the home of the recipient. When customers are happy with the delivery being there for their event, they will call again when they need flowers. If their delivery was late for the event, they will go elsewhere. So it is absolutely critical that your flowers be delivered on time.

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