The reason for the problems with access to Google and YouTube became known

Roskomnadzor reported that the fire did not allow users to access popular Internet resources.

Problems with access to Google services, YouTube and other Internet resources arose for users as a result of a failure in the work of a large data center in Strasbourg. This was reported in Roskomnadzor.
The failure of the data center was caused by a fire, which, according to reports on social networks, completely destroyed one of the data centers, and damaged another. The cause of the fire is not specified.
Earlier, Russian users complained about problems with access to a number of sites. The Ministry of Finance explained this by failures in the operation of the equipment used by Rostelecom. The agency stressed that the temporary problems with the network are not related to the actions of Roskomnadzor, which previously began to limit the speed of Twitter.
Since March 10, the speed of Twitter in Russia is limited to 100% of mobile devices and 50% of stationary ones. The reason was the blatant disregard by the leadership of the social network of the requirements of Roskomnadzor to remove calls to minors during the so-called action on March 3, 2021, which directly threatened the lives of teenagers.
In case of further violations, the agency did not rule out a complete blocking of Twitter in Russia.

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