The Ragdoll Cat Breed Is Ideal For Families

The ragdoll cat breed is one of the most popular with families. This strikingly good looking, long-haired cat is docile and friendly. They do not have the fighting instinct and they love attention. This means families with other pets and children will find the ragdoll cat breed a perfect addition to the family.

This breed of cat is popular because they are both social and relaxed. They do love attention and like to be where the action is. This makes them easy to train. All you have to do is lavish them with attention when they scratch on the cat post rather than the couch.

This breed is a larger breed. The males can weigh in excess of 20 pounds and the females are only slightly smaller. Their beautiful rabbit-fur like hair is long and typically does not matt.

The ragdoll cat breed is definitely an indoor cat breed. Because they lack the fighting instinct they would not defend themselves when attacked. Though some owners train them to walk on a leash for the most part you will want to keep them indoors.

This breed comes in three patterns and four colors (seal, chocolate, blue and lilac). The three patterns are:

Colorpoint – a lighter body shade, dark points on the ears tail, face and feet, and the nose and paw pads match the point color (the darker color).

Mitted – dark points and a lighter body similar to the colorpoint with white mitts on the front paws and white boots on the back legs.

Bi-color – dark points on the ears and tail and an inverted “v” on the mask that runs from between the eyes into the muzzle. The body color has a “saddle-like” appearance.

This is a great cat breed that you should consider if you like large, docile, affectionate cats.

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