The Pros And Cons Of Utilizing A Teen Online Dating Site

The teenage years can be full of excitment and happiness. During these years, a number of biological changes occur as well as other changes. Some of those changes are in the physical, emotional and educational realm of the teenager.

Another important aspect of growth that is afforded a teenager is in the area of developing socially. Generally, this socialization is accomplished outside of the immediate family and is developed through their interactions at school and through dating. Another important socializing forum that has gained popularity is through the use of the Internet.

It stands to reason that dating and the popularity of the Internet would be blended together. This forum is known as a teen online dating site. Therefore, it is important for the teen and their parent to know the pros and cons associated with utilizing a teen online dating site.


One of the primary advantages for a young person to be involved with a teen online dating site is that it provides a growth opportunity. This growth is realized as teenagers utilize this forum to interact with other teenagers, male and female, through a secure and safe venue.

Through their interaction they can learn specific social skills. Some of these social skills can include the development of honesty in a relationship, recognizing potentially dangerous or harmful attributes in another, learning how to be confident in relationship building, being assertive, not giving into peer pressure, etc.

Convenience And Security

Although there are negative implications associated with a teen online dating site, it is important to look at the positive aspects associated with a teen online dating site. Those advantages include the dating process being accomplished in a convenient and safe environment. Generally, this environment is the home setting.

In addition, because of the home setting, there are certain rules and restrictions that can be set in place by the parent or guardian. These guidelines can address a number of issues and concerns regarding the use of the teen online dating site. By monitoring the site utilized, limiting its access to certain times of the day, having an open and honest relationship between the teenager and parent, etc., the use of a teen online dating site can be a positive experience for the teenager.


Another critical advantage of utilizing a teen online dating site is that it provides anonymity for the teenager. Through the use of an e-mail alias, the security of the teenager’s identity is maintained as well as allowing them the freedom to be themselves during the online dating process.


As with anything else, a teen online dating site can be misused. Therefore it is important that boundaries are set when utilizing a teen online dating site.

One such precaution is that under no circumstances is the identity of the teenager to be revealed. This means that the real name, address and phone number, school attended, etc. should not be divulged.

Also, another critical safety measure is that the teenager, without the parents or guardians consent, should not meet the individual that they are dialoguing with through the teen online dating site. This can be a very dangerous action if not handled properly.

In addition, there should be transparency between the teenager and the parent or guardian. This does not mean that the entire conversations need to be revealed, but that if the teenager perceives that the conversation has taken on a dark tone this chat needs to be divulged to the parent or guardian.

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