The Power Of Business Survey Questions

Money-making opportunities abound online. While most of them are rather dubious, there are solid opportunities when it comes to answering business survey questions. These surveys questions have proven lucrative enough for those looking to earn a few extra dollars a day. The key is subscribing to a survey site that is well-respected and consistent.

You may be wondering who benefits from these business survey questions? Companies like Coke, Sony, and Nabisco. They garner precious feedback from consumers like you and you get money for providing it. Now, it should be noted that some unethical marketers take advantage of willing participants, namely by charging for the privilege of completing surveys.

How do survey companies make money? Survey companies compile their precious feedback and provide it to marketing departments and companies for premium rates. The more dubious companies will try to confuse willing participants by offering them memberships or gifts. Never settle for gift in lieu of payment. You deserve to be paid in cash, preferably via a trusted brokers, like PayPal.

Were you offered a subscription, newsletter, or trial period access? If so, cancel it immediately. This is a favorite tactic of the unscrupulous vendors posing as survey providers. While you think you’re getting informative newsletters, in actuality you’re getting SPAM. And lots of it. In some cases, this so-called newsletter is sent in lieu of payment, so you can choose your gift for participating in a survey. Don’t fall for it.

Beware of another favorite tactic of unscrupulous survey sites: the redirection. Upon completing a survey, it’s not uncommon for surveyors to send you to a product page. Typically, this page is provided by a sponsor and is essentially a captive ad. It’s there to feature products and make it as hard for you to exit as possible. This means back buttons that send you to other, deeper pages and pop-ups that try to prevent you from closing the window. Stay frosty and remember to protect your hard work!

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